yaghanThe Yaghan of Southern Patagonia supposedly had a body temperature 1 degree above other humans.They wore little clothing and lived in an unforgiving environment. They had knowledge of fire. They made masks and painted themselves for ritual purposes.They participated in religious rape smoking ceremonies influenced by psychedelics. Their culture is all but lost as there are few who speak their language and are considered full blooded.One famous Yaghan was Jemmy Button who was captured and traveled across the pond and back again with a Charles Darwin. There is not enough information published about this amazing group of humans other than a handful of photos and web pages.When these cultures become on the verge of extinction, then nearly all is forgotten. Now we have the ability to discuss and contribute to their history before it’s lost forever.Join the discussion here.

Below are some photos of The Yaghan ,Selknam and Kawashka people.They really have this Asian or even Melanesian look. Was Thor Heyerdahl right?