For money Pseuedoscientists market their ridiculous claims on networks such as The History Channel and other fraudulent providers selling tours, books and even providing White Papers as a means to support their “smoking gun” evidence. People in general are gullible. They eat this crap up.Idiots such as Commander J. Hutton Pulitzer blab about fake swords, the resting place of The Ark of the Covenant and have a terrible track record or even a fraudulent background to begin with.To the mind of the con artist,and most psuedoscientists , mainstream beliefs on any given historical sites are either wrong or secretly suppressing the real truth. There are those who are less obnoxious such as Brien Foerester, who actually puts a rather large amount of time in the field ,yet the poor guy can’t accept the fact that elongated skulls are not examples of Nephilum or from beings from outer space, or that the Maya and Egyptians were not connected. The Giza Pyramid is not a power plant. You get what I’m saying. At least there is some of his work is interesting, as he is usually broadcasting from lesser known areas that the mainstream usually chooses not to associate themselves with, whether it may be from the amount of forgeries or from the reputation the site has.Pulitzer, Wolter, Von Daniken all are guilty of using networks such as The History Channel as platform, spewing  dung collectively and confluenly as if were being sprayed out of the arse of a giant hippopotamus.These guys are smart and not all are con artists. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Brien, I’m just kind of on the fence with him. He has incredible content ,yet it is often questionable. On one hand , he is a smart individual who has been able to make a living by acting out the Indiana Jones lifestyle, but he should steer clear away from AA theories and fairies in jars made of rubber cement and toothpicks. The so called Paracas Museum in Peru is associated with Ancient Aliens as much as possible and can be explored in less than 5 minutes.The whole thing is a tourist trap.People like Foerester can however shed light on certain aspects of archaeology simply because they have more time in the field than many archaeological and anthropological students.These types are often sincere in their work, unlike other who are only content if they are suing someone or getting one over on novice and even professional researchers and scientists.


Treasure Farce leader Pulitzer and his types manipulate people into believing bogus stories to promote themselves, and to sell books that should have never been allowed to be printed. Jovan must know that everyone else knows that he is full of shit and he surely embraces this.He has recently had some attention for his outrageous and outlandish claims on Oak Island. Whether it’s bigfoot, dragons, mermaids, nephilum, dwarfs or fairies their followers believe that this stuff is real.  Zacharia Sitchen and Eric Von Daniken  have also contaminated the world with their stories Nibiru and Ancient Astronaut Theories. David Hatcher Childress, Dr. Rita Louise, Scott Wolter, Graham Hancock, Klaus Dona are all guilty and the list goes on and on. If these jokers were smart then they could market their material (and I won’t call what most of these people do “research”)as  fiction. Hell It might even make for a good movie or two. PSUEDOSCIENTISTS  REPEATEDLY LACK FACTUAL INFORMATION TO SUPPORT THEIR RIDICULOUS CLAIMS AND QUICKLY PULL THE GOVERNMENT SUPPRESSION  CONSPIRACY CARD. The fact is that Mu is Poo! Most of these pseudos are in their fake professions only to generate an income.Pulitzer ,Van Daniken ,and Wolter all are really just a misanthropic sack of miserable individuals, who never were taken seriously, so they have to live a life of lying to themselves and to their so called fans. They lack charisma and integrity and ruin ruins whenever possible with preposterous claims. Are they trying to make historical fiction acceptable in the eyes of academics?Turns out most “history as we know it” is in FACT spot on with what is being taught at prestigious schools and universities around the globe ,which all has credible factual evidence to support it.