Here is my exploration vehicle of choice, the wondrous KLR 650 sitting on Dunlop 606 tires.It has rock protection, crash guards and is built to go through just about anything.I have two ammo cans that carry my field kit, sifters, trowels, first aid kit, tools, rations, clothes and other supplies.There is also a rack that carries my trusty 45 carbine, in case there may be trouble on the horizon. The winch is to assist in case of an accident, like falling off of a mountain or getting stuck in a muddy bog. The tires are a 80/20 makeup that allow for more grip in off road situations. The sprockets on the front and back have been altered to give the bike more torque on those tricky hill climbs.The bike is equipped with a GPS tracking system to assist in case it is stolen.It has everything needed to set up a small camp for two people, with tents and tarps,to provide coverage in case a quick storm decides to come about. It also has cooking and climbing gear as well.Because it is so stealth, it can rarely be seen heading to new sites all over the Americas.10291117_10208460848585399_5868689647993347912_n11892156_10207657578264143_7980387656460500134_n11873487_10207657578584151_90276957964233866_n12301570_10208281795509184_1410389777841225499_n