Native Americans were slaughtered , exploited, and forced to assimilate at the hands of the White man. Their environment left them little areas to hide on the great plains.Indigenous people all around the world are in danger of losing everything as modern globalization and the New World order continue to place them harm’s way Another example of a culture impacted by their social and physical environment are the Rapanui of Easter Island . The land became barren due to their desire to build moai along with  the arrival of the Spanish, which also impacted their culture drastically by dividing them into two groups. The long eared  and short eared moai represent this, which eventually almost completely  destroyed the Rapanui culture.In the text “Cultural Contact, Cultural Ecology, and Dani Warfare,”Blick concludes that the revenge complex may be a major cause of tribal warfare in Western New Guinea .He finds that the ,’ the revenge complex is the necessary condition and an economic motive the sufficient condition which together stimulate the adoption of tactics of genocidal war in post contact tribal societies.In the case of Easter Island the tribes had already been divided because of their bird man cult before the Spanish arrived , but with the Dani we can see that the introduction of the Machete, which was more practical  than their home made weapons , created an economic motive which in turn created economic motives triggered by the Europeans.This changes the course of their lifestyle simply by flashing a machete which in turn creates genocide or divides groups making one group more dominant. Before contact these groups would have handled any situation that may arise with the weapons and tools that were available to them.Any indigenous culture that has not had civilized contact can be affected by the influence of a more complex society. With the Dani the introduction of horses and machetes created tensions from within groups. Groups like the Huaorani of the Amazon are being affected dramatically by deforestation and losing younger members to western influence. Their once content lives of having natural abundance are slowly dwindling.In modern times, after colonization ,assimilation, and government regulations, many indigenous people end up as suicidal alcoholics and depressed with bleak futures.Sadly mutual agreements between stakeholders and indigenous tribes must be confluent on the major issues moving forward.Projects like the Hydro-Aisen in Chile that have the desire to build hydroelectric power plants in pristine areas of Patagonia must come to an abrupt end.Tribes in indigenous areas who practice farming techniques such as slash and burn must accept alternatives from those who are only seeking to help them. Any type of assistance to these people can not have any disguised motives if we as humans care to save the origins of humanity and to promote reciprocity, also if anybody should feel oppressed its the majority of indigenous people found all over the world.Kind of screwed up if you ask me.