The Tiwanaku people of ancient Peru and Bolivia were among the longest reigning highly advanced nation in the area’s history. Their knowledge and building techniques were uncanny. Sites such as Puma Punku have been made famous by the lame program Ancient Aliens, however there are many more sites in the area that are less known. Near the magnificent 7 level pyramid complex of Akapana, and the courtyard of Kalasasaya at Tiwanaku lies what appears to be a giant ear carved in to stone. It is believed to have been used to communicate in and around the large walls that surround the structure.It has unbelievable acoustics. Cutting into stone to make an ancient amplifier is pretty impressive. It was most likely used by high ranking officials such as the shaman and political figures to speak to the masses and conduct religious meetings. A cataclysmic event is said to have  brought famine and drought to this area ,which made the Tiwanaku people abandon their superior building techniques and focus on survival, making the once superior empire inferior to that of the Inca and Wari.We know this because the evidence of buried whole buildings and most of the later construction doesn’t compare but often mimics that of the original creators. These are sloppy and pathetic designs that are found all over and seem to last around 200 years. They have little if any facades, are barbaric in design and look as if God hit the reset button on this great society.Somewhere along the line much of their techniques were forgotten.


The building techniques at temple of Akapana, Kalasasaya and pretty much all of the other areas from the older construction sites at Tiwanaku simply defy logic.Where it defies logic, is not the drill marks or large stones being moved made intergalactic by the fraudulent and totally ridiculous Television series and again, Ancient Aliens , but the central planning and administration coupled with their irrigation techniques and obsession with time. The tools that are said to have made the cuts and shape the stones around these places are said to have been executed  by copper and nickel alloys, yet it seems nearly impossible to so without some sort of harder metal involved.  While most of the work found is from that of sandstone, which is not as hard as some the granite stones found.The “Gate of the Sun” is actually a calendar that is in sequence with today’s time. It is a large megalithic threshold that has astronomical markings such as the Southern Cross.It is made of granite and is a single stone. The craftsmanship is impeccable. They also have an astronomical observatory nearby at the shores of Lake Titicaca that further demonstrates the capabilities of these people.Many people believe that a lot of the seemingly impossible drill holes and cut marks are all modern works made with power tools in an effort to create more mystery or to perhaps generate tourism.So what did these modern forgers do bring power tools to the Altiplano and make these marks?It would be difficult to say the least in these remote areas.We know that the Gate of the Sun is authentic as it has been photographed before the invention of modern power tools.Is it possible that their obsession with time influenced them to use unlimited manpower at what ever cost?

Tiwanaku: Gateway of the Sun