Deep in some in the jungles of Colombia lie some of the most breathtaking subterranean tunnels carved and shaped by a mysterious culture known as the  Tierradentro people, or the ancestors of the present day Páez Indians.They were able to carve tombs with spiral staircases and paint elaborate tribal looking designs inside of the chambers.This pre-Columbian Culture lived between 600 and 900 AD.

The Hypogea or tunnels at this site range anywhere from 20 to 82 feet deep through twisting pathways.It has long been said that there are subterranean connections all over South America. Could these connect and intertwine with tunnels found in Peru and Bolivia? Doubtful. These were not really tunnels but rather burial tombs.How amazing is this right? I mean why isn’t this all over archaeological news? It almost seems to be suppressed.

Vaulted ceilings, anthropomorphic figures painted inside,these tombs had a lot of work put into them.It has always amazed me to see the various building techniques in ancient America. The Native Americans used mostly wood and built mounds of earth ,while much of the ancients in Central and South America chose to build with stone. Most of the time geological features along with weather conditions often influence cultures in a big way.My next article will be about cultures and how they are affected by their geography.

Below I have provided some photos along with some  links so you can learn more about these interesting Hypogeas.

Explore the Tierradentro Necropolis in Colombia

Parc archéologique national de Tierradentro
National Archeological Park of Tierradentro