Shamans are sought after in many indigenous places all over the world for their abilities  to seemingly heal the sick and provide guidance for those in distress.In Peru offerings are made to deities in the form of llama fetuses and Ayahuasca is served. The soul searchers trip themselves into a completely alternate state of mind. Cleansing is usually the main objective here.  Ayahuasca is an herbal mixture that provides the mental ride.Vomiting may be induced along with smoking to cleanse away any evil spirits from the body. Shaman are in many was like priests who facilitate a connection to God ,as they provide direction and bless weddings.What is interesting is that shamanism tends to show up in mainly indigenous cultures ,rarely seen in any other groups. Asia,Alaska,Oceania,South America and Meso -America are usually the main areas where shamanism is practiced.They all profess to have access to other worlds and sometimes hold political power.Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits which affect the lives of the living(Salack,1985). While there are many diversities between cultures practicing shamanism, for the most part they all believe that there are benevolent and malevolent spirits that have control over the physical world. These spirits control agriculture, economies and politics.There are contemporary forms of Western shamanism that perhaps unknowingly are slowly erasing the traditional forms. These may include sweat lodges, spiritual and psychic healing,while implementing the use of man-made hallucinogens.Many of these cultures share some the same practices.These similarities can demonstrate the early connections of man. There are examples of Inuit throat singing used in Shamanic rituals that are eerily similar with those found in Asian shamanic based cultures.It leads us to believe that there once may have been a great shamanic society whom were able to spread their influences to nearly all of the world.For the most part Shamanism does not change. It is a revered and ancient practice that is taught to handfuls of people in various cultures.