In an area of the world where wild dogs are as seemingly abundant as rats, it is amazing that this dog has survived. It is common in much of South America to have overpopulated areas of dogs that create the need to walk with a stick when alone.Most stray dogs find their way into packs where they become vicious biting hellions that plague neighborhoods.In Peru a species has won against the odds.

It looks like a Doberman breed that is completely without any hair except for the head, which makes it  resemble the Gremlin’s leader “Spike.” It has origins that predate the Inca.This is truly a living ancient breed of dog that has been able to survive for centuries in an unforgiving environment.The breed barely escaped extinction when the Spanish conquistadors decided to exploit Peru. It was most likely domesticated by the Inca and was eaten in earlier coastal settlements.

Known as Al’co Calato, by the locals, which means “naked ” in Quechua, and labeled scientifically by the name PIO or Peruvian Inca Orchid, this dog was pardoned during the Inca reign as it was used for hunting and treated similar to how we treat modern day dog. Its is sight hound so its fast and uses its keen eyesight ,rather than going off of scent and long cardio like most hunting dogs. We know that their existence goes back to at least 750 A.D. due to the presence of art depicting them found in coastal areas that are indicative of the  Chimu and Moche Cultures.In a world of strays one would think that it would seem nearly impossible to have any pure breed of dog continue its lineage with so much going against it.It could win the ugliest dog contest on any given day easily.