There are many people who claim that the Olmec of Mexico are Africans who have occupied the Americas before the Colombian  Exchange. That’s simply 1000% wrong. Do a search and you will find tons of information on the subject but most if not all results will lack any credibility or even a reference as to where they came up with this theory.Their most compelling argument is that the large Olmec head statues  simply look as if they were Africans.The truth is that the Olmec have descendants that look even more similar to the statutes than any African.Its also worth mentioning that from DNA studies,science has proven that there is no relation to the Olmec and Africans yet there are Professors at Universities that insist otherwise. A Polish professor of anthropology, Dr, Wiercinski came to the conclusion by comparing skull types from Asians, Europeans and Africans without having any samples of Native Americans and lacking any DNA evidence. Any connection found with Africans and Indigenous people in the Americas is found through genetic markers that prove that they were not pre 1492. Afrocentric ideologists contaminate research by filling the internet with garbage that supports their racist agenda. There is ZERO evidence to support this theory yet and  it has fueled many debates and racial division. The professors that claim this Afrocentric view should be barred from teaching and taking the dignities away from Indigenous groups. Will we ever get over racism?