In Bolivia their is a strange tradition that pits neighbor against neighbor in an effort to bless the land. These ritual ceremonies are held every year in various communities throughout the country. As the men try to knock each others head off, the women surround them in a circle, instigating the battle. These fights eventually evolved into a drunken festival.The local farmers hold stones in their hands which give them extra force and swing violently as if they were at a Slipknot concert.”Anthropologists say Tinku represents much more than fighting, but the fighting, often between members of different communities, can be a way to confirm or defend collective landholdings, or to bring good fortune at harvest time”(Romero,2007). The women join the fights as well.


Getting drunk and killing a neighbor is apparently acceptable in this culture. While there is not a death at every Tinku festival there have been several.Death, violence and occasional cannibalism have been central to Tinku for 700 years(Gori,2003). This ritual may seem barbaric to others  but is a huge part of their culture.Death is considered as honorable, for the better of the community and its harvests while even encouraged. Here is a link for a video of the ritual.

While this sort of behavior will get a person locked up in most parts of the world, in Bolivia they offer little discipline to those practice the art.These violent and strange practices have been occurring in the area for at least 700 years.



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