That’s what Wikipedia says so its true right?In South Carolina some really old artifacts are dating back 50,000 years.Sifting through layer after layer of  cultures is what archaeologists, have had to do to produce these dates. Albert Goodyear, who is the lead Archaeologist for the Allendale PaleoIndian Expedition has found hearths and chert stones at lower levels of excavation that indicate a Clovis presence, and their ancestors as well. Chert is a typenof rock that is used for mapping arrow points.”We now have hundreds of artifacts dated between 14,000 and 18,000 years ago”(Toner,2006). Even this is an amazing find! Hearths are like fire pits that are unique in the sense that they once were fires made for a specific purpose such communtity meeting places or religious rituals. Comparing the carbon dates to other surrounding layers can produce pretty conclusive results.Usually animal bones or remains are also found nearby that can be used for Carbon dating. Carbon dating can  give a pretty accurate date up until around 50,000 years old. If the dates at the Topper site are said to be at 50,000 years then they could possibly be even older because of the limitations of carbon dating. I’m pretty sure that Goodyear would not make such a claim without having proper evidence to support it,and I’m sure that his claims have been questioned by others in and out of  his circle.Clovis people are known for their spear points that they use which requires a special technique to make,and have indicative sets of marks, that have allowed scientists to put together a timeline, from analyzing different styles found all over the world.The oldest traces of Clovis go back to around 13,000 years.

This amazing find has provoked the idea that this was perhaps a quarry for chert, that was well known and used by many.Clovis points have been found all over The United States and there is a big concentration of Clovis artifacts in the upstate areas of The United States.Clovis people would leave these points and stones in places that they may return, so that they could use them again.There are similarities in Solutrean points, which date back to 22,000 BP and Clovis points that supports the Beringian Theory, but the Topper Site blows that out of the water.

People simply do not realize that there were once people everywhere in the Americas. South America has shown traces of man that go back 25,000 years in Peru and 18,500 years in Chile.50,000 years shakes up many mainstream theories and creates a need for more serious funding for the project, so it can produce even more interesting stories about Ancient America.


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