Some of my bucket list adventures on my trusty KlR 650 will include some, if not all of these magnificent places.Most of these should be World Heritage sites. The truth is, places like these pop up every month in Peru.I have accumulated this rather lengthy list as follows, to give readers an idea of just how much Peru has to offer in terms of historical greatness.

Macchu Pichu, Pisaq, Recuay, Gallinazo, Pachacamac, Tiwanaku, Cerro Baul, Cerro Mejia, Sipan, Caral,Tampu Machay, Caballo Muerto Complex, Cerro Blanco, Pañamarca, El Brujo, Cerro Galindo, Huancaco, Pampa Grande, Las Haldas, Huanuco Pampa, Lauricocha, La Cumbre, Huaca Prieta, Piedra Parada, Aspero, El Paraiso, La Galgada, Cardal, Cajamarca, Cahuachi, Marcahuamachuco, Pikillaqta,
Sillustani(chulpas)Chiribaya, Cinto, Chotuna, Batan Grande, Tucume.Chan Chan, Chavin de Huantar , Cusco, Kotosh, Huari, La Florida, Garagay, Cerro Sechín, Sechín Alto, Guitarrero Cave, Pukara, Chiripa, Cupisnique, Chinchorro, La Paloma, Ollantaytambo,tambo machiz, Markawasi, Valley of the Kings,Sechin Bajo,Lake Titicaca,Chan Chan, Chavin de Huantar, Cusco, Kotosh, Huari, La Florida, Garagay, Cerro Sechín, Sechín Alto, Guitarrero Cave, Puka Pukara, Chiripa, Cupisnique, Chinchorro, La Paloma.La Puerta De Amaru.
 So you can see that there is a lifetime of studies to be done here yet it seems as if looting and fake artifacts make it nearly impossible to get the truth about some areas.The Peruvian government may even play a role in suppressing its own histories as they cement ancient tunnels, do not have the resources to protect the sites and don’t seem to care that their history is even significant.Many sites are simply exploited for their resources by the locals or demolished by building contractors. Drones are increasingly  becoming illegal for filming these ancient sites so there is a need to peel back as much history as possible before the end of the world comes  or to be more realistic,before an earthquake or some other natural disaster takes place that wipes them out forever.
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