The Canela people of Brazil are an indigenous tribe that has different beliefs than a normal  civilized society. They believe it Is morally correct for a older aged man to marry a prepubescent child .Young women begin having intercourse as early as 10 years old with men in their forties and fifties. “After their first menstruation, girls underwent similar dietary restrictions [to bachelors] and were required by their maternal uncles and their paternal aunts to have sex almost exclusively with men in their 40’s and 60’s to gain their physical and moral strength “(Gregor, 2001 p.125). While this may seem taboo to most people it is a normal occurrence in this world where they have no moral remorse. This  behavior would be illegal in most parts of the world and inexcusable .In the vast jungles of South America there are not many laws, the tribes who live in isolation away from the “civilized world “have a system that probably has been used for hundreds or even thousands of years and perhaps sexual intercourse at an early age is a rite of passage. Maybe the jungle lifestyle kills quickly and they feel that it is necessary to procreate at a younger age. The thought process behind this bizarre occurrence is a mystery .While having a mate even at a young age is a virtue to this tribe that can help them to create a family and can support one another; the rest of the world looks at this in disgust, as an act associated with pedophilia.
Gregor, Thomas A. Tuzin, Donald F.(2001). Gender in Amazonia and Melanesia : An Exploration of the Comparative Method. University of California Press. Ewing, NJ, USA