Monte verde ,Chile has been dated to around 14,800 years, and is supposedly 1000 years older than Clovis findings of around 12,500 years.Archaeologists dated hearths using carbon dating ,which is pretty accurate. Specimens of the Solanum Maglia, a wild potato that date back over 13,000 years have been found at the site that prove to be the oldest on record. Chile is also where the common potato comes from.By tracing the origins and patterns for ancient potatoes,quinoa, and corn,archaeologists are able to hypothesize other migration routes that might be seen as unorthodox by others.

Moving along farther North in Peru, there are more varieties of potato found more than anywhere else in the world. They are very colorful yet small. The potato is revered in some parts of Peru. Ancient Potatoes can be found to this day in lakes that were used for ritual purposes. The Inca would throw potatoes in a lake as they made their ascension into the towering Andes as an offering.

Could people have came from the South of Chile and Argentina and visited the Americas before those who crossed the land bridge from Alaska? Or was it simultaneous? Could the Yaghan people of Chile and the Southern Cone be descendants of those people? There are also those who say that some of the skulls found in these parts resemble aboriginal people from Australia.While I admit I have never been a diffusionist,it does seem quite possible that a Southern Migration route or a Pre-Columbian intercontinental contact from peoples anywhere in the world is possible, as we have little evidence to support which way the ocean was churning 15,000 years ago, but at least there is some evidence to support this rather than nothing, which is usually what those who claim the Mayans and Egyptians were sharing information have.

The truth is that little is known about these ancient cultures that have produced many civilizations over the years with astonishing technological advantages over the groups that flourished after them. There is so much corruption in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile that it is hard to take what is proclaimed at face value. The black markets and looters find and destroy new sites frequently, make copies of these artifacts and reproduce them with sections of broken material from the originals, making it hard to spot a fake.

What’s even more interesting when one hears about ancient cultures from South America they usually associate them with the Nazca or Inca and hardly ever mention the ones who were the superior builders. Clearly if one takes a look at sites like Sechin Bajo or Caral, then it is possible to see the difference between a facade that was made 500 years ago and something that was made much earlier because the inferior Inca built on top of existing megalithic wonders.

Fish hooks have been found and  dated near the Peruvian/Chilean borders that date back 10,000 years.So clearly there are societies in the Americas who were moving. The question is,where they moving from South to the North? The potato brought us to Chile and then to Peru. My guess is the Spanish liked them and adopted them but when did the Potato make it farther North? Was it through trade? Did ancient peoples of the Americas trade between continents? Somebody should seriously check that out. It might pan into something. French Fries?