Most Native Americans,(and when I say Native Americans I mean people from North and South America),normally have square jaw bones that can categorize them with Mongoloids, which may distinguish them from any Caucasoid findings.Even more interesting is that Polynesians have pentagonal shaped heads when looked upon from the backside of the skull and have what is known as the rocker jaw,which distinguishes them from other native races.In The Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science , Albert Reagan claims that the cliff dwellers of Arizona, The Aztecs, The Zunyis and Peruvian people all have brachycephalic skulls and also have an extra bone in the back of their skull known as the “Inca Bone”(Reagan,1904).

Mocha Island is a tiny island off of the Southern coast of Chile that shows evidence of Polynesian ancestry from the skulls found that share the rocker jaw only found in Polynesian people.The group found there consisted of 6 people, who surely could have made it into the mainland continent and could be the origins of South America,however that’s not the case as we simply do not see these Polynesian characteristics in much of South America, rather in small broken up sections scattered in vast areas ,which would only confirm that Polynesians were true adventurers who nearly circumnavigated the world during their prime.They followed birds, weather patterns and could read the stars really well.

There’s other places  like Monte Verde, or the sites found between the Bío Bío and Toltén rivers,in Chile that have shown signs of Aboriginal  people from Australia as well. A Polynesian, Aboriginal pre-Columbian diffusionist theory would simply not stand up to the influences we see on cultures distributed throughout the Americas. The Northern hemisphere demonstrates that there was an influx of people that spread from west to east upon entering what is now The United States because we find Clovis points in areas like New Jersey and Ohio. Evidence for Southern routes into the Americas exist but are vague and don’t seem to have large populations.

Reagan’s work  gives us a pretty conclusive argument in regards to the Beringia Theory.The evidence points to a migration from north to south, or at least from Arizona to Chile.It would be interesting to compare skull samples from Native Indians from Arizona and those from Oregon to Alaska to further confirm this.If this hasn’t been done yet then yeah, somebody should check that out.