Is there any evidence that ancient Americans used beasts of burden to build their huge facades?Most of the archaeological records put forth by Jesuits tell us that these people were already constructing places like Sacsayhuaman and Puma Punku as the Spanish Conquistadors passed through the area.However there are several sites that  do not have logical explanations on how the people were able to mine, cut, shape and lift these huge megalithic structures into place.

Carbon dating has advanced over the years and can pin point the dates when the Mastodon last grazed the Americas but it still raises a few questions. Did man actually kill off every single one because they were hungry? Were megalithic builders able to lift huge stones as big as buses up mountains and across rivers using raw man power and llamas?

Most likely all breeds of ancient elephant died off in what is known as the Younger Dryas Impact theory , a period when a huge comet supposedly struck the Earth changing the conditions from glacial to a warmer interglacial state that simply killed them all off.There are those who insist that The Maya knew the elephant and created images of them in their sculptures known as the Elephants of Copán. There actually is a valid argument that one could use because the images do in fact resemble elephants. With no other mention of elephants that I am aware in the old world and surely there weren’t any reports of them being in the new world,(except those from The Mormons, who support a late continuation of Mastodons) , we must look to something else that may have assisted ancient peoples in building these huge cities with only copper/nickel alloy based tools. This leads us to the conclusion that all of these places were built with levitation, acoustic powers or from aliens right?


Next week: Did the Ancients in South America shape stones with a plant?