It is my hopes that there will soon be a day when one can research a topic without having to dig through loads of garbage that is fueled by television networks such as The History Channel and Discovery Channel.I believe that these networks will falsify much of their information ,if not all, to just get the best ratings.Ancient Aliens has already been exposed as dung, yet people still watch it and believe that the Anunnaki will one day return to whisk them away to planet Nibiru.The dung that spews from these shows creates loads of unnecessary work for novice and even professional researchers.

Most people who will defend their firm beliefs of these programs having any credibility are quick to say that the real archaeologists and scientists are purposely suppressingĀ  giants, UFOs, bigfoot,mermaids,chupacabras,unicorns,pyramid construction and even the Loch Ness Monster from mainstream history.The truth is that the people who are the real archaeologists actually have proven methods to date,confirm,compare and contrast our history.There are in fact many fringe theories out there but if there is rational and scientific thought applied to most of these hypotheses, then their whole boat usually begins to sink.

What is most important here is the generation of idiots that will believe and adopt claims made by Ancient Aliens as a religion.The ones who are passionate about these ridiculous claims are even bigger idiots.While there are some things on Earth that scientists have yet to provide conclusive analysis on, such as the facades built all over Peru that were supposedly built with only copper/nickel alloy chisels, or megalithic building techniques that match up in various places around the world.Or how about the elongated skulls found everywhere around the world? Clearly there was some sort of connection right? EVIDENCE!That’s what people lack. Without conclusive evidence and reliable sources then there’s really nothing there.

Using test companies with no track history or records to test DNA or to obtain only 1 sample for carbon testing is usually the scenario here. They usually claim that the test company did not want to disclose their name or sometimes even the information.Much of the time they are looking to sell a book or DVD set with the release of their newly found so called “smoking gun” in the world of science.Some of these psuedos make a pretty good argument and even a good living but never have true hardcore evidence to support their claims.

Photos of giant skeletons with never a video to support them, CG videos of Sasquatch, Roman swords with fake patina,discrepancies in timelines,lazy translations, falsified data, all make up the lives of most self recognized psuedoscientists that continue to contaminate the internet and fill the airwaves with “psuedodung”.